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Liquidations can be tricky. The how, where and when determines just how successful a liquidation will be.  The liquidation business is a family. You almost have to be born into it. With over 30 years of experience, comes a long string of experience that only time can teach and all the contacts necessary to liquidate your inventory in a timely and profitable fashion.


 Company Mergers, Central Distribution Consolidations, Quitting Business

 Nothing can be more frustrating or leave you wanting to pull your hair out. No one can decide what direction to take and there are deadlines to meet. We have assisted numerous companies merger, consolidate CDC's or close the company.

With several semi trailers, including a lift gate and flatbeds, moving product is not a problem.

Online Auctions

Want to join the rapidly growing online auction marketplace but just not sure how. Whether you are a one person operation or have an entire staff, we can help you set up and train your staff.  We recommend and we use the most feature rich auction management software program available, Auction Wizard®2000.  In just a few days you can be up and running in the world wide marketplace. Turn dead or old inventory into cash.


Inventory Appraisal  is the backbone of any claim or settlement, be it an insurance claim, property settlement, quitting business, merger, bankruptcy or simply determining the value of inventory.  We have been on both sides of the fence. We have sold a company, requiring inventory appraisal. We have been the insured with a catastrophic loss sitting at the EUO.  We have represented numerous clients in property settlements. And verified hundreds of inventory's for banks, insurance companies and other businesses.


Damaged in Transit- Lost in Transit

The truck backs up to the dock and off comes another pallet. Bill of Lading is missing and no one has a clue where the freight was going. Or another pallet of freight was refused by the receiver - again. It is obviously damaged.  The loss/damaged ratio is going through the roof.  Corporate office wants something done and you haven't a clue.  So you send the pallets off to the storage trailers filled with other product without a home or damaged in transit. No one knows what to do with all the "stuff'. Selling lost in transit or damaged in transit to employees is not a good option.  Somehow the pile always gets bigger when the employees are allowed to buy it. We have the know how needed to liquidate all your surplus freight and reduce the insurance claim losses. Clean up the dock. Free up those storage trailers so they can put back into productive service. Turn the damaged in transit or lost in transit product back into cash. 

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